Autonomy Day 2018 – May 3rd, 2018

Autonomy Day 2018 – 2nd Workshop on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

When: May 3rd 2018

Where: Oslo Metropolitan University, Pilestredet 35, Oslo (Norway)


The goal of the workshop is to promote research, education, and industrial actors working with Autonomous Systems in the Eastern Norway region.

The workshop will serve as a meeting point for students, researchers, and companies in order to share experiences, promote synergies, and showcase the important role of Autonomous Systems in enabling future sustainable economic activity and to solve societal challenges.

Autonomous Systems are steadily revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives including transport, manufacturing, healthcare, food production, urban development, and construction. In order to develop autonomous systems that are able to operate in practice, a high number of skills from multidisciplinary fields are required.

These include software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotics, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, communication systems, cybersecurity, product design, and ethics to name a few.